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The Blog written before Week 5

Posted on: October 1, 2008 12:09 pm
Weak title I know but seriously.....the first quarter of the season has gone and passed us real rapid. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was listening to the first of many "Mason's Minutes" on the website as training camp started. We could be 4-0 if Goings picked up a block and Fox didn't call a timeout or we could be 1-3 (Giving ourselves the Falcons win). Obviously, it's been fun for a Panthers fan but I just wanted to break down the positives and the negatives of so far and make a valid unbiased assumption of what we can expect in quarter 2 of the season.

Positive 1:
It is probably the most overlooked fact of our success thus far. No one will ever put us in a category of best defenses this season and I am perfectly fine with the NFL and everyone else kissing the Cowboys' asses, while pulling for the Packers and defending the Giants. But first of all, our run defense has been phenomenal stopping the NFL's premier backs. First four running backs weve played have been the top 4 backs in the league thus far. Not one got over a 100 on us. Also, under the radar our pass defense is ranked second in the NFC. Chris Harris is unreal at stripping and we are getting interceptions and on top of that we are getting a lot of chances at interceptions (Gamble's hands.....what happened to his buckeye days?) Defense keeps playing like this, we are gonna keep winning.

Positive 2:
Rhys Lllyod has a lead foot. End of discussion

Positive 3:
Stewart and Williams are even. Passing and Running are even. Moose and Smith are even. Blocked punts to not blocked punts are close to even. But seriously, keeping a balanced offense is what we need. We saw how we tried to only run the first half and only pass the second half made us look stupid against Minnesota. But we saw how we looked great against Atlanta (ok i know it was atlanta)

Negative 1:
Cmon guys

Negative 2:
Punt team
Cmon guys

Negative 3:
Play calling
I know its safe, I know its right and I can't argue with wins....but can we stop calling draws on second down. What is also safe is stretch plays behind Otah, Screens to Smith, Dives to Stewart. Playing it safe is fine by me thats just how Ive been brought up as a Panthers fan....but lets switch it up.


We keep playing with "its our house mentality" (~beason) and playing tough on defense. Our offense is only gonna get better and we are gonna keep winning. We can't get comfortable but we can definately let the momentum build.
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